GymCalc - About Us

Why We've Created GymCalc

Every coaching manual we read discusses the importance of planning our training but when it comes down to it, a lack of time and a raft of other reasons lead many coaches and fitness professionals to skip this process and run sessions without a detailed plan.

We want to make programme and session plan development faster and higher quality than ever before. By doing so we give fitness professionals the ability to sell their programmes and increase their professionalism.

Founded in 2011 by a team who wanted to make better use of technology to help people to live happier, healthier lives.

Our Vision is to

Provide people with a tool driving them to achieve more success in the time they dedicate to fitness.

Provide feedback highlighting their success and the ability to share news of that success with like minded and supportive people.

Provide new and profitable revenue streams for fitness professionals.

Who Are We

Our developers are a mix of fitness minded application developers and tech minded fitness professionals.


Conor Graham

Conor Graham
Conor founded his first fitness business in 2001. He is passionate about helping people get fit through a combination of sports and gym training.

Providing clients with programmes which offer guidance in the time they train alone has been a major factor in the success his clients have enjoyed. His coaching and programmes have benefited a wide range of client profiles, from full time professional athletes to full time mums.

Conor is a keen tri-athlete who supplements his outdoor training with a progressive gym programme. In his time away from fitness Conor enjoys spending time with his wife, son and extended family or watching movies with friends.