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Manage Your Squad's Training the Easy WayGymCalc is the ultimate strength and fitness training management tool.
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Create Great Workouts Fast

Create workouts for individual team members or for full squads in minutes! Workouts are easily customised by ability and can include circuits to maximise group training efficiency.

Full Scale Feedback

Compare your athletes' results, workout statistics, fatigue and more with graphs and reports*.

At Your Desk or on the Go

Access and update client data anywhere on your smartphone, laptop or tablet.

Motivate with Results

Keep your athletes' motivation high with interesting and varied workouts. Use GymCalc's analysis tools to show how their training compares to projections on the way to their goals.

Exercises and Activities

A wide and rapidly expanding range of exercises, including cardio, are available. You can even use activities we haven't added yet.

Athlete Login

Give each athlete access to their workouts online and enable them to record their training.

Unbelievable Value

Starter fee of US$4.99 per month includes trainer and first 5 clients. View pricing details

Built for You

GymCalc is regularly updated with new features and exercises, based on user feedback.

Build 100% personalised workouts for your athletes super fast

You control everything from the exercises to the reps, weights or distances and speed.

Workouts with multiple sessions can be easily built:

  • from scratch
  • using one of your templates
  • or by copying any of your existing programmes as a starting point.

Templates and Squads

Use our Templates and Squads functionality to quickly create workouts for a group of people doing the same or a similar workout.

Enhance your relationship with your athletes

Build up a great training history for each athlete and show them their success on graphs.

Email your athletes print versions of their workouts.

Give your athletes their own login so they can access their workouts online, and record and rate their training.

You control which programmes they can see and have full and instant access to the data they enter.

GymCalc - Online Software for Team Trainers

Introduction to main features

* Indicates Feature Coming Soon